An anthology of poems by authors who have lived and worked in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Edited by Neeli Cherkovski and William Mohr. Read sample here. Published by Otis Books | Seismicity Editions, Los Angeles, 2016, 238 pages, $12.95


Cross-Strokes spotlights these unfamiliar and mysterious poets, revealing strengths that rival their well-known counterparts … the anthology is an eclectic selection.

Lana Turner Journal


Poems of social commentary. Cover image by Ryan Shaffer, book design by Mireille Schwartz. Read samples here and here. Published by Omerta Publications, San Francisco, 2013, 25 pages, $15.50

Haiku FRONT Cover JPEG

I’m digging the punchy, propulsive energy of your lines.

– Michael Slosek

I’d venture to say that no other poet is making what you’re making, no one I know of anyway: analytical busts w/ big slashes of paint still sticky on the sides. Your palette is curbside sunset, but the matter is all brittle high-heel clicks and open books in warm lamplight (from vanished Mission cafes).

– Julien Poirier


Sonnets. Hand-sewn in letterpress wrappers, with a frontispiece by James Perry. Read samples here and here. Published by The Bird and Beckett Cultural Legacy Project, San Francisco, 2012, 45 pages, $7.50


I love their stance as anti-sonnets, sonnet-installations where the language is kaleidoscopic and refracted.

– Christopher Kondrich

It’s amazing, the breadth of your cultural intake. The poems are erudite, without being elitist. It’s such a natural exploration into the responsibility a poet undertakes in choosing our art.

– Jesse Morse

I like them quite a bit for their trim smarts and intimate ambiguities.  They are different from and more intelligently engaging than most of what comes my way these days, and feel both up to date and classical, strange in ways that feel familiar and original, a tough tension to sustain.

– Stephen Kessler

I like your baroque touches!

– Suzanne Jill Levine

sonorous & richly informed & highly civilized

– David Meltzer