Poems of social commentary. Cover image by Ryan Shaffer, book design by Mireille Schwartz. Read samples herehere, and here. Published by Omerta Publications, San Francisco, 2013, 25 pages, $15.50

Haiku FRONT Cover JPEG

I’m digging the punchy, propulsive energy of your lines.

– Michael Slosek

I’d venture to say that no other poet is making what you’re making, no one I know of anyway: analytical busts w/ big slashes of paint still sticky on the sides. Your palette is curbside sunset, but the matter is all brittle high-heel clicks and open books in warm lamplight (from vanished Mission cafes).

– Julien Poirier


Sonnets. Hand-sewn in letterpress wrappers, with a frontispiece by James Perry. Read samples here and here. Published by The Bird and Beckett Cultural Legacy Project, San Francisco, 2012, 45 pages, $7.50


I love their stance as anti-sonnets, sonnet-installations where the language is kaleidoscopic and refracted.

– Christopher Kondrich

It’s amazing, the breadth of your cultural intake. The poems are erudite, without being elitist. It’s such a natural exploration into the responsibility a poet undertakes in choosing our art.

– Jesse Morse